About Me


About Me


Hi there!

My name is Greta and I’m a 25 year old blogger from Austria. I wanted to start an own blog for a very long time but never had the right motivation to do so. This November which is the year 2014 I’ve decided to just do it! I’m really into all things “beauty” related. I love playing around with makeup, do my hair, experiment with different products and learn and try out new things – I would say it’s my hobby – I also really enjoy photography and web design so that’s the perfect combination!

Anyways I don’t have a lot people around me who love all this beauty things as much as I do, so I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of youtube videos. I started this blog to have a space where I can talk about all the things I love and enjoy whether its beauty or lifestyle related.

I also try to write in both english and german depending on the blogpost, to connect with as many people as possible who are interested in reading. I also really enjoy writing in english although my english is probably not the best…

Viel Spaß beim Lesen & I hope you enjoy!!

  • http://www.curlsnchard.com Kat K

    Hi Greta :) Liebe Grüße von einer weiteren Österreichischen Bloggerin (jedoch Foodie Bereich ;) ) – hab dich gerade über Juyogi gefunden.

    • http://www.styrianbeautyblog.com/ Styrian Beauty Blog

      Hallo Kat! :) Ich freu mich sehr über dein Kommentar! Schicke dir auch liebe Grüße nach NYC!! Freut mich, dass du mich über die liebe Ju entdeckt hast ;)